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Rules of Survival is Battle Royale on Crack

Undoubtedly, Rules of Survival is all about ridiculous ways to win the game. Unlike PUBG or – dare we say – DayZ, this shooting game is littered with no-holds-barred craziness that makes the game much more enjoyable to play! Forget realism, this game is all about colors, over-the-top physics and, most of all, extremely exciting gunplay. While the map is as large as PUBG’s Erangel – 8×8 scale – the matches are faster, resulting in more pressuring battles that require quick thinking and relying on tactical instincts.


The Most Number of Players in a Map

Notably, The Rules of Survival game still holds as the battle royale with the most player count in a match: 120 players – which can even scale up to 300 on limited events! This results in more random encounters with organic players and lesser dull moments such as camping for long periods, traveling for minutes and looking for other players to shoot.

Also, the game does not include bots as RoS has over a total of 280 million players worldwide. – Meaning you will never run out of players to matchmake with! Get to have endless shootouts in matches that only take a few seconds to connect.


Much Improved Combat, Visuals and Overall Gameplay

In the beginning years, Rules of Survival has had lots of issues, especially with its combat. Now, NetEase has provided on what could be their best version of RoS yet. It includes iron sights for every weapon, first-person mode, more accurate hitboxes, better bullet drops, smoother animations, and more responsive controls. Melee combat has also been tweaked with better hit detection and more natural swinging. As for vehicles, maneuvering feels a lot smoother with lesser clunky breaking. Surely, the game has been made more accessible than ever before. Plus, you can get to play the game up to a max of 4K resolution and 60 fps!


Collect Weapon and Character Skins for Free

While the game includes microtransactions for premium content, who’s to say you can’t enjoy their free products? In RoS, you get awarded with skins for character customizations and weapon camo for free! So, forget battle passes; you can unlock stuff as you progress through the game without needing to pay for anything. Indeed, that brings more motivation for anybody planning to play the game without having to pay at all. Sure, you will miss out on the more extravagant stuff but the game does not urge you to buy them unless you are willing to do so.


An Unpredictable Map

Furthermore, the map in RoS is full of multiple terrains. From rocky mountains that are great for sniper battles, flat plains with overgrown fields for potential ambushes, to villages full of buildings that encourage close-quarters combat. Wherever you go in the map, there is surely a presentation waiting to happen between you and the other players. This results in spontaneous fights and situational awareness.

To sum it up, every match you enter means random day and night cycle and weather conditions – turning each match feeling fresh. These cycles result in new ways to tackle other opponents. Will you prioritize getting night-vision goggles? Maybe you camouflage yourself in the rain? Or will you be cocky and wear something flashy to bait out other opponents?


Multiple Fun Rides in Rules of Survival 

Moreover, Rules of Survival got its reputation in the battle royale community for its outrageous vehicles. You have your standard jeeps, Humvees and motorbikes, and then you have the out-of-the-box types. These include tuk-tuks, jetpacks, mechs, sports cars, buses, and – our personal favorite – school bicycles.


Fast-Paced Yet Tactical

Overall, the game is easy to pick up, but the core mechanics need some time to get used to. Of course, you can always consult the Rules of Survival forums for that. But for the most part, you adapt as you keep playing. Footsteps give off traces of enemy movements in the building while distant gunfire lets you know how far enemy proximity is. Plus, vehicles give off their position due to their loudness. Not to mention, every weapon also feels unique and situational. Shotguns and SMGs are great for close quarters, some assault rifles are semi-auto while others are burst, and sniper rifles have bullet drops. Surely, your probability of surviving depends on how you want to play.

Game Features

  • Over-the-top action 
  • Up to 120 players in one match 
  • Much improved graphics and combat 
  • Lots of free unlockable items and skins 
  • Play up to 4 friends 

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Play Rules of Survival on PC & Mac FREE now!